Web Applications

Web Applications

ScenarioSviluppo device-oriented

We develop WEB applications that can be accessed through the major browsers on the market and that adapt to different devices, an increasingly important feature, considering the growing use of mobile devices to access contents away from the classic workstation. This is achieved through the use of the most modern frameworks, which makes extensive use of HTML5 in combination with the Javascript language, to make applications dynamic and adaptable to different scenarios.

Web Applications

SOLUTIONSEmbeddable Apps

Maximum robustness is guaranteed using enterprise development patterns based on JEE technology and consolidated over time. However, these have been kept up to date according to the re-usability and scalability requirements of service architectures that blend well with modern Cloud platforms.

The applications can be integrated into the business application portfolio, consisting of applications developed with heterogeneous technologies, through standard REST APIs that make them compatible with the main Enterprise Service Buses on the market.


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