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Data Integration

Includes tools, activities, practices and architectural techniques that enable the ingestion, transformation, adaptation, mapping, enrichment and provisioning of data where needed, enabling the feeding of data repositories of various types (OLAP databases, OLTP, data lake) and/or the intercommunication of functions, processes and applications. Integration can be done within the company and/or towards partners and other business or institutional entities, between physically co-located or distributed systems, on premises or in the cloud.

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Main Italian airports (commissioned by a leading service company in automated parking systems management).

Customer Need

Online booking of parking areas near some important Italian airports.

Customer Value

The application, commissioned by a leading service company in management of short-term, medium-term and long-term automated parking systems, allows to book a parking spot before the flight date and is integrated with the parking management software, to provide in real time the number of available spots.

Key differentiators

  • The application provides backoffice features for the management of subscribers, the definition of rates, differentiated by parking and user groups, the definition of promotions, with and without promotional codes, management of mailing lists and black lists for marketing campaigns.
  • The backoffice offers integration with the systems of several airline companies for the automatic loading of bookings, as well as integration with corporate systems for payment accounting.

Processes & Technologies

The system is a "single-page application" that leverages HTML5, JavaScript and the latest frameworks such as VueJS, Bootstrap and Spring Framework in order to maximize usability and provide the user with a unique and engaging experience.

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