Loan Management System


Data Integration

Includes tools, activities, practices and architectural techniques that enable the ingestion, transformation, adaptation, mapping, enrichment and provisioning of data where needed, enabling the feeding of data repositories of various types (OLAP databases, OLTP, data lake) and/or the intercommunication of functions, processes and applications. Integration can be done within the company and/or towards partners and other business or institutional entities, between physically co-located or distributed systems, on premises or in the cloud.

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Important companies of the large scale distribution operating on Italian territory.

Customer Need

Collect membership applications from potential members and follow their path within the cooperative, until their eventual withdrawal.

Customer Value

  • The application allows to assign to each member a plastic card with which he/she can be accredited at the social assemblies and with which he/she can benefit from the various promotional initiatives defined by the cooperative.
  • The system allows members to open savings, regular and restricted deposits. The amounts lent are remunerated annually with different interest rates, based on the type of constraint on the deposit.
  • Lending members can move their deposits by withdrawing and depositing at counters located at the point of sale, as well as take advantage of advanced methods such as ATM or wire transfer movements.

Key differentiators

The application can manage multiple separate environments (multiple autonomous logical systems with independent data not shared with other environments). Each environment can host a different company with its own social base.

Processes & Technologies

  • JEE standards-compliant Java application with HTML interface, compatible with major internet browsers thanks to Google Web Toolkit (GWT); functionally rich GUI (master-detail, tab, LOV);
  • Conversational approach using AJAX (asynchronous engines for online validation and computation).

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