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Data Integration

Includes tools, activities, practices and architectural techniques that enable the ingestion, transformation, adaptation, mapping, enrichment and provisioning of data where needed, enabling the feeding of data repositories of various types (OLAP databases, OLTP, data lake) and/or the intercommunication of functions, processes and applications. Integration can be done within the company and/or towards partners and other business or institutional entities, between physically co-located or distributed systems, on premises or in the cloud.

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Important companies of the large scale distribution operating on Italian territory.

Customer Need

  • Receive items, promotions, and pricing from central systems;
  • Powering sales devices, printing tags, managing invoicing and returns.

Customer Value

The application can be centralized in multiple instances capable of containing more than one store each one. It is also possible to provide localized instances at the store, usually indicated for large stores.

Key differentiators

The particular modular and flexible architecture allows for progressive pilots and rollouts as well as guarantees fast recovery procedures in the event of a crash, in all configurations.

Processes & Technologies

  • From 2016, the application was transformed into a web application with the support of jBWT Oracle Forms Converter, maintaining the pre-existing functional approach and minimizing the need for training to point-of-sale employees.
  • The conversion activity involved 120 forms that are now available in the new infrastructure.

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