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Data Integration

Includes tools, activities, practices and architectural techniques that enable the ingestion, transformation, adaptation, mapping, enrichment and provisioning of data where needed, enabling the feeding of data repositories of various types (OLAP databases, OLTP, data lake) and/or the intercommunication of functions, processes and applications. Integration can be done within the company and/or towards partners and other business or institutional entities, between physically co-located or distributed systems, on premises or in the cloud.

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The customer company is an important chain of large retailers operating in the national territory.

Customer Need

Manage items, suppliers, supply contracts, assortments, promotions and sales prices.

Customer Value

  • The system is the central hub of the sales activity and allows to implement the marketing strategies defined by the management, with the aim of maximizing margins on the different product categories.
  • The application aims to feed the company's logistics systems, for the supply and handling of goods, the sales systems in the stores, for the implementation of commercial initiatives defined, and the analysis and decision support systems such as Business Intelligence.
  • The system allows you to manage one or more business groups, to define hierarchies between the holding company and its affiliates, to describe the business relationships between the different companies as well as the business rules adopted in the different processes and the responsibilities in the processes defined at entity level.

Key differentiators

  • The application can manage several environments, i.e. autonomous logical systems with independent data not shared with other environments. Each environment can host one or more groups and companies with shared master data.
  • The system supports different classifications and clustering by company, definable by process, through a configurable number of hierarchical levels.

Processes & Technologies

  • JEE-compliant Java application with HTML interface, compatible with the main Internet browsers thanks to Google Web Toolkit (GWT);
  • Functionally rich GUIs (master-detail, tab, LOV); Conversational approach via AJAX (asynchronous online validation and computation engines).

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