QCC: Quality Certificates Classifier (Prototype)



Skills, tools, services related to the application of advanced algorithms in the realization of predictive systems, able to predict the behavior of a system in the face of input data never previously observed. When data evolve over time, the predictive system is called "forecasting".

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The Client is a U.S. company, one of the largest in the oilfield services industry.

Customer Need

The process of verifying quality certificates prepared by suppliers is currently manual and carried out by third parties. The customer wants to verify the possibility of introducing a semi-automatic process that would reduce the manual effort.

Customer Value

Reduce manual verification costs.

Key differentiators

Realizing the AK system allowed Bridge to be recognized as a reliable supplier on Data Science/Machine Learning/Automation topics.

Processes & Technologies

  • Custom search engine design
  • Consolidated methodological approach in Data Science
  • In-depth knowledge of Spark/Hadoop stack on premise and on AWS/Azure
  • Machine learning and automatic classification techniques
  • Natural Language Processing

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