DR site setup and backup to Oracle Public Cloud


Data Protection

The area includes tools, skills and services related to data protection and security, in relation to national and international government regulations, industry-specific regulations and standards, business processes and regulations. Protection and security are to be understood in a broad sense and in relation to the provision of the three properties: availability, integrity and confidentiality of data. This area therefore includes all activities, processes and technologies related to the delivery of these properties and any applicable regulatory requirements, and aimed at eliminating or mitigating and managing the associated risks.

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The client is one of the large consumer cooperatives in the retail sector.

Customer Need

  • The customer already had a DR plan that included the restoration of services on a remote site located in the city of Milan, with significant costs and extremely high RTO (about 5 working days) and RPO (up to 24 hours) parameters.
  • The need was to bring the RTO and RPO parameters to acceptable values with a significant decrease in cost.

Customer Value

  • Decrease in costs from a figure in the order of hundreds of thousands of euros to about 35,000 euros per year.
  • Adoption of a Business Continuity Plan with acceptable RPO and RTO parameters.
  • Decommissioning the Tape Library previously used for backups

Key differentiators

  • In-depth knowledge of the proposed infrastructure.
  • Architecture with higher features than what was previously in place and at a lower cost.

Processes & Technologies

  • The site consists of all databases and AS core business of the company.
  • Databases are updated using Oracle Dataguard with RP0 around 30 minutes and RTO on the order of a few hours.

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