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Data Architecture

Data Architecture represents the infrastructural foundation of any data management strategy.
The area includes the design and implementation of infrastructures supporting data collection, storage and organization in more or less formally defined structures, as well as computational resources for processing and for end-user use.

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The client is one of the large consumer cooperatives in the retail sector.

Customer Need

  • Introduced new PDV solution, currently being rolled out, which is partly centralized on Exadata and Exalogic
  • Increase in new PDVs to be managed with current applications insisting on Exadata and Exalogic
  •  Service management of Coop centro Italia through Unicoop application solutions that insist on Exadata and Exalogic
  • Growing IO subsystem workload, already at the limits of saturation
  • Additional CPU and IO work-load expected due to application growth and service management for central Italy
  • Exalogic system in end-of-life. Capable, but new investment on user licenses would be forfeit.
  • Find the best solution that enhances the current solution
  • Minimize costs on each individual cooperative
  • Stay on track with Oracle's On-Premise and Cloud product strategies
  • Creating Compliance Conditions for Licensing
  • Understand the exact technical/economic needs of the two cooperatives

Customer Value

Design of a new hybrid configuration of the Engineered systems (Extreme Flash and Capacitive) that made it possible to upgrade the systems, safeguarding the Customer's software investments

Key differentiators

  • In-depth knowledge of the proposed infrastructure.
  • Architecture with higher Performance, Reliability and Availability values than before.

Processes & Technologies

Infrastructure Components: Oracle Exadata X8M-2, Oracle PCA X8-2, Oracle Exalogic X6-2

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