Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

ScenarioNative and Hybrid mobile applications

A constantly evolving context that includes both consumer devices, where the application becomes a powerful tool for communicating with the customer, and industrial devices, now used in n an increasing of processes to allow interaction with the information system in the fastest way and suitable to environmental conditions (logistics and supply chain, store management, industrial operation and maintenance).

Mobile Applications

SOLUTIONSTailor-made applications

We create customized mobile solutions, portable across available platforms available, integrated with existing hardware (scanners, cameras, nfc, sensors), scalable, thanks to the use of distributed architectures based on microservices and with flexible costing models, proportionate to the actual use.

Our Solutions include:
  • Design and implementation of cross-platform mobile applications
  • Service-based backends and distributed, secure enterprise integration platforms
  • Data collection and analysis systems

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