Design and implementation of vehicle reliability calculation infrastructure


Data Science

Data Science services, provided by professional figures defined as 'Data Scientists' or more commonly by teams composed of developers, data engineers and data scientists, allow companies to carry out studies and analyses on data with the aim of creating explanatory models of business processes, identifying and quantifying causes and effects, identifying potential predictors of quantities or events of interest, classifying, grouping, characterizing the available data in order to derive a better understanding of the company and its functioning also in relation to the outside world and identifying control actions able to optimize business outputs. The services in this area are completed by training, design and management activities related to the platforms typically used for Data Science activities such as KNIME, Dataiku, Jupyter, Zeppelin, etc.

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The company is involved in Long Term Car Rental for companies, VAT holders and individuals.

Customer Need

  • The client's Data Scientists need to have a platform in which they can update reliability calculations periodically and perform additional testing.
  • The platform with the algorithms used has been released. Training has been done on the algorithms and the code developed as well as on the use of the infrastructure.

Customer Value

  • Development of internal practices and knowledge for data analysis
  • Autonomous updating of reliability ratings
  • Availability of a testing platform.

Key differentiators

High degree of expertise in:

  • Distributed systems design
  • Parallel big data analysis tools and techniques

Processes & Technologies

  • Consolidated methodological approach in Data Science
  • Parallel big data analysis tools and techniques
  • Strong experience in architectures supporting Data Analytics platforms
  • In-depth knowledge of Spark/Hadoop stack on premise and on AWS/Azure

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