High Performance and High Availability for Core Business Applications on ODA


Data Architecture

Data Architecture represents the infrastructural foundation of any data management strategy.
The area includes the design and implementation of infrastructures supporting data collection, storage and organization in more or less formally defined structures, as well as computational resources for processing and for end-user use.

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The client company offers customized solutions for companies combining the supply of electricity, gas and telecommunications with a wide range of products and services with high added value: energy efficiency, electric mobility, dedicated consultant. 

Customer Need

The customer needed to significantly increase database performance and contain Oracle licensing costs.
An Oracle ODA X7-HA machine configured in bare-metal mode was provided on which Oracle Rdbms software with partitioning and compression options was mounted.

Customer Value

Thanks to the high performance of the Oracle ODA X7-2 system, it was possible to increase the system's performance while limiting the use of Oracle processors to a minimum and consequently limiting user licenses.

Key differentiators

  • In-depth knowledge of the proposed infrastructure.

Processes & Technologies

Migration of billing application from VMWare system to ODA engineered system

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