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Business Intelligence

The goal is to provide solutions and tools that allow a wide range of users, managers, operations and analysts, to understand and, where possible, predict phenomena of interest for their business, through an effective reading of data collected and organized, internally or externally to the company. The competence proposed has as its starting point the understanding of customer needs and the structuring of initial requirements from a functional point of view. Once the client's needs have been identified and analyzed, we proceed to the collection of all the information necessary for the modeling and organization of the data: in this phase, in addition to the functional skills, we add purely technological skills, the choice of optimal tools to achieve the objective. All these activities aim to provide the customer with solutions and tools for the visualization, analysis and use of data, organized according to different levels of aggregation and faithful to the requirements initially identified.

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The client is one of the large consumer cooperatives in the retail sector.

Customer Need

The client's goal was to migrate to a centralized infrastructure, to provide the various marketing and sales functions with complete and shared access to both internal data and statistical and socio-economic data from institutional sources, integrating an advanced location intelligence solution with geo-marketing functions. In particular, the client uses the solution to evaluate the catchment areas where to develop the commercial network.

Customer Value

  • Thanks to the Geomarketing solution, the customer is now able to explain the business events dependent on territorial characteristics and to guide the marketing policies, as well as sales and product assortment in different stores.
  • The developed Location Intelligence system is a complete solution, easy to use and made data available to all strategic business functions.
  • The geo-datawarehouse consolidates (through a data geocoding process) addresses for more than 1.2 million geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude), which are now effectively and immediately available.
  • The investment is amortized over three years, with a 75% saving over the previous proprietary application, from the fourth year on.
    The solution optimizes operational time and achieves a 35% reduction in operating costs.

Key differentiators

  • Certification and expertise across the technology stack
    • System engineered on Oracle Exadata
    • Datawarehouse e Reporting su Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Twenty-year customer presence
  • Strong Know-how on large-scale retail trade

Processes & Technologies

The system includes a Geo-datawarehouse to automate the loading of spatial data (territorial maps, addresses of customers, stores, offices, warehouses etc. ..) and reports (exportable in the main formats) on which the user performs the following types of analysis:

  • Socio-economic analysis of the territory
  • Consumer behavior analysis
  • Product movement and traceability analysis
  • Geomarketing Analysis to Study:
    • the economic potential and market share of a specific territory
    • Positioning of your own profit centers (and those of competitors)
    • the catchment area reachable from a chosen point on the map (isochronous and isodistance analysis on road, polygonal and radial cartography)

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