scenarioMeasure the efficiency of your company

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a business framework using a range of "perspectives" for tracking an organization's strategy and performance, through qualitative and quantitative indicators that express company's medium & long-term goals.

The modern Balanced Scorecard allows to:

MISSIONBalanced measurements

The BSC aims at transposing an organization's mission and strategy into tangible objectives and measurements that represent a balance between external measurements, targeting customers and shareholders, and internal measurements of processes, both core and those critical affecting innovation, learning and growth. Such measurements are balanced between those related to achievements and those affecting future performances. And the scorecard is balanced between the objectively quantifiable measurements and the subjective measurement constituting the drivers for future results.


strategyCreate and manage your business strategies

Enterprise Strategy Designer is the solution that enables companies to easily create and coherently manage an organization's strategy using balanced scorecard methodology.

By acquiring Enterprise Strategy Designer your organization will be able to:
  • create strategies and objectives for each "perspective"
  • define cause-effect relationship between objectives
  • devise action plans and initiative
  • link objectives to KPIs in real time with DWH/BI systems
  • define objective's hierarchy
  • monitor objectives at different detail levels (executive, management, operational)
  • lively manage everything through a dashboard, available on any device thanks to cloud technology

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