Datawarehouse &
Business Intelligence

Datawarehouse & Business Intelligence

ScenarioSmart Business Data

We implement Business Intelligence projects in the Fashion, Retail, Manufacturing and Finance segments. Bridge projects cover the whole process, starting from the building of an Enterprise Data Warehouse which contains all the business data, certified and the integrated, till a reporting solution which support the decision making process.

Datawarehouse & Business Intelligence

SOLUTIONSELT: Unlimited potential

We have integrated the ELT process with a Data Quality phase that ensures maximum reliability and correctness of the data.

The checks involve:

The ELT process provides a number of functions that allow to monitor the different stages through a simple and intuitive “User Interface”; which provides a secure and efficient processing cycle.

Le principali analisi riguardano:

• Standard and promotional sales
• Purchasing
• Assortment and Pricing
• Fidelity
• Customer profiling and segmentation
• Geomarketing

• Sales Budget
• Collection Performance
• Distribution
• Pricing and Markdown
• Reassortments
• Orders and Stocks
• Customer Profiling and Segmentation

• Active cycle
• Passive cycle
• Production - Planning and variances
• Budget

• Customer ratings (private credit)
• Performance profiles
• Financial dashboards and integration with company financial statements
• Quality control and guarantees
• Stock and obsolescence
• Vendor rating


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