Big Data & Data Science

Big Data & Data Science

ScenarioA data-driven future

The riseof new Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis tools, along with new frameworks and infrastructures for distributed parallel computing (in cloud and on premise) coupled with the rapid growth of available data has led to the emergence of a new category of software applications known as Big Data Analytics platforms.


We have a team dedicated to the design of Big Data Analytics solutions and we collaborate with the CNR/University of Pisa for the definition of innovative algorithms.


Our Big Data Analytics applications are capable of processing massive amounts of data and applying statistical and machine learning algorithms to data at the highest level of detail.


We enhance the company's data assets by making them more usable, "findable" and viewable, making predictions or revealing hidden patterns and correlations in time to make assessments and corrective actions.

Big Data & Data Science​

SOLUTIONSMaximize the potential of data

From sensor networks to social networks, from e-commerce and supply chain systems to the information produced by traditional enterprise applications, the exploration and analysis of this information with innovative methods and algorithms allows you to improve knowledge of your business , supporting decisions through data, and to build systems capable of providing forecasts and optimizing processes in automatic mode.

We design and build:

  • Enterprise Big Data Analytics Platforms
  • Knowledge management and research systems (Knowledge Management)
  • Temporal data analysis systems, seasonal adjustment and automatic identification of anomalies
  • Consumer behavior analysis
  • Ad hoc thematic analysis and definition of innovative KPIs


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