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Bridge developed AURCS, an Enterprise Data warehouse. The main goal of this solution is to provide to the user a one and integrated environment where it is possible to have all answers of analysis request related to Retail Market. This solution acquires, with CDC technique, all OLTP information in ODS layer (Operational Data Store) and then consolidates incremental to EDW. The users, through OAC, use the DM layer (Data Mart) where are prepared the required data mart for the functional areas covered.

Main advantages

Unlimited Datawarehouse

No upfront investment

Able to manage seasonal workload events and related costs

Automatic Auto scaling basing on daily workload usage

100% compatible with on-premise system architecture

No one way direction

Functionalities of Business Intelligence

The Enterprise Datawarehouse and Business Intelligence developed on Oracle Cloud, for all kind of companies, especially in the Retail world, it is one of the most important key competitive value to maintain the market position, to improve the company governance, to monitor the most important strategic KPI and to implement the predictive analysis to satisfy the customers’ needs and the internal processes.
Very important is the proactive events monitoring, such as promotional and assortments, that allows to optimize the stocks due to avoiding the out of stock and increasing the margin. The solution contains the analysis for the following areas:

We have a specialized team with consultants and technicians able to support the adopted solution in all the phases (from the business analysis, development and to put in production).

AURCS was developed with the following technologies from Oracle:


In its largest installation «AURCS» today manages 25 Terabyte of data, supports 440 users distributed between Corporate and 120 Stores and contains:

  • 90 Data Mart
  • 200 Reports
  • 600 Dashboard pages

And covers the following functional areas:

  • Merchandising
  • Warehouse
  • Inventory
  • Finance

The AURCS users are divided in three categories:

  • Store users (users that use the solution in the store)
  • Corporate users (users that use the solution in the corporate)
  • Business users (high level user that uses only the dashboard pages)

In the retail world (both GDO and Fashion) Bridge has huge experience in design and development OLTP solutions and Business Intelligence.

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