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We believe in a Digital and Innovative future.
Since 1998, we help customers to follow the technological evolution, guaranteeing the continuity of the business,
through a competent, transparent and professional service.

About Us

About usContinuous innovation

Over the years, Bridge has increased its share in its target market, mainly medium-sized companies in the Food & goods distribution, Fashion and Manufacturing sectors. Bridge's main goals are a customer centric approach and complete customer satisfaction, ideals which guide all its business: availability, quality, transparency and reliability are key to the company's success.

About Us

2021Our numbers

11 Mln
130 +
24 years
of business
40 +
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GROUPUnity is strength

Since 2018, we joined Kirey Group, an innovative reality that leads companies in their digitalization journey. Our participation in Kirey has allowed us to increase the team, expand the portfolio of certified skills and bring together investments and resources committed to the research and development of new solutions in the fastest growing technological areas, such as Cloud, Big Data and Machine Learning. Becoming part of the Kirey Group, in turn, has allowed us to extend our offer on the national territory and in other European countries where Kirey operates.

About Us

CSRThinking of others

Abbiamo a cuore i temi del sociale, per questo insieme a Kirey Group ci impegniamo concretamente in progetti importanti di solidarietà. 

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